About Us

Ki Teppan & Rogama honours the art of Japanese teppanyaki and rogama.

Seasonal ingredients are meticulously sourced globally and served up with bespoke teppanyaki chef service.

The rogama grill expresses our ingredients in another tale. Carefully grilled over bincho charcoal by our chefs, the slow heat transforms the ingredients, presenting them in the best way we know.

At Ki, it’s always an experience made complete with our signature hospitality, omotenashi.

We invite you to explore our curated ingredient choices, from prized Hida beef, lobster and abalone to unique options such as flat iron steak and free-range chicken from Brittany, France.

And for the best pairings? Our wine library opens up a new world of possibilities.

Upcoming Events

We believe there is beauty in sharing and this is why we are committed to design experiences for our guests.

Join us on this discovery journey of beautiful ingredients, the art of teppanyaki, rogama and the good things in life.